Since 1999, I have been designing for women looking for unique, stylish and fashionable bags. I have presented my collections at high-end trade shows in Paris and London, with a current portfolio of fifteen countries,

Harrods being my first customer. 

​I have been fortunate to have a long and successful career, creating my fusions of traditional leather techniques and non-traditional styles and selling at exclusive boutiques internationally and at my shops in Cyprus and the US. I continue to present yearly collections and create bespoke designs for private customers.

I love people, travel, architecture, history, philosophy and any type of design. I believe my interests show through my work and my choice to hand-make my bags is a way to communicate with you. I propose the idea of individuality, authenticity, and you embracing your own style.

I invite you to join me in this ever-changing journey of fashion and tradition, of exploration and invention;

to be a trendsetter and a trail blazer in your choices;

stylistic or life making.

Dora Φ Schabel​

Photo courtesy: Madame Figaro Cyprus

Photographer: Michael Kyprianou

Styling: Sofia Efstathiou

part of the story...

© 2018 by dora schabel

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